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When you have decided on joining our service and family at Monitor Telecom, please print the forms listed below, fill them out, sign them, and bring them into the office. You may also return them by mail, email, or fax to: Monitor Telecom Attn: Customer Service 15265 Woodburn Monitor Hwy NE Woodburn, OR 97071-8529 Fax: 503-634-2900 Email:

customers requesting telephone and internet service please fill out entire packet all 4 pages. For customers only wanting telephone services, please only fill out the first two pages.

Monitor Telecom Application

Custom Calling Features and Descriptions

CALLER IDDisplays phone number of incoming call on caller ID $4.50 a month
CALLER ID BLOCKINGYour phone number is blocked for viewing on caller ID No Charge
PER CALL BLOCKINGDial *67 before outgoing number. This blocks your number from showing on caller ID displays for that 1 call only.
Permanent block must be requested.
Blocks your number from showing on all caller ID displays. May display as “Private,” “Unknown,” or “Blocked.” Cancel this block on a per call basis by dialing *82, and then the phone number.$10.00 fee Permanent removal
CALL FORWARD BUSYAllows incoming calls to be forwarded to another phone number when your phone is busy.$2.00 a month
CALL REJECTIONBlocks up to 6 phone numbers of your choosing, from reaching your phone and gives the caller a recorded message $2.00 a month
CALL TRACETraces incoming call & records the number at the phone company. Only police will have access to the phone number that was traced.$2.00 a month
CALL TRANSFERAllows you to transfer a caller to a 3rd party, and then disconnects you from the call.You will also need 3-way calling feature for this to work.$2.00 a month
DISTINCTIVE RINGCreate a list of up to 6 important phone numbers that are recognized by a special ring. They will also have a distinctive tone on Call Waiting.$2.00 a month
LAST CALL RETURNAutomatically dials the phone number of the last incoming caller, whether it was answered or not.$2.00 a month
PRIORITY CALLAllows up to 3 phone numbers on a single line, each having its own unique ringing pattern.$3.95 a month
REFERRALLeaves a recorded message identifying the new phone number of the called party.$2.50 a month
SELECTIVE CALL ACCPETANCEAllows a list of up to 6 selected incoming numbers to be advanced to another phone number. The number the calls are advanced to may be changed as required by the customer.$2.00 a month
SELECTIVE CALL ACCEPTANCEAbility to create a list of up to 6 phone numbers that will ring through even while your phone is in use. All numbers not on the list will be notified by a pre - recorded message that the party is not available to accept their call at that time.$2.50 a month
THREE-WAY-CALLINGAllows you to talk to two other people on the same call.$2.00 a month
VOICE MAILForwards calls to an external voicemail service if they are unanswered or the line is busy.$5.95 a month
ANONYMOUS CALL REJECTIONAutomatically rejects incoming calls for which the callers number is withheld. $2.00 a month
CALL BARRINGRejects outgoing calls to specific numbers.$2.00 a month